Do you long to create original, unique and personal art?

Do you feel intimidated by formal approaches?

Are you frustrated when your finished piece looks nothing like the instructor's?

Do you fear you'll go broke buying the "right" supplies?

Join my new virtual creative workshop. This ain't no paint and sip party. You'll learn to enjoy the process while you create art that's unique to you. 

Explorations in Mixed Media Art

Only $10!

Live Classes September 22 - 24

In this inspiring, exploratory workshop, I’ll guide you to discover your creative voice with mixed media art. I’ll teach you the basics of mixed media while showing you how to create three simple pieces. I’ll also show you how to take each piece to the next level based on your unique style and creativity.

Discover the joy and freedom of creating mixed media art. You can create beautiful pieces in a style all your own without having any art training - even if you can't draw a stick figure. There truly are no mistakes!

Mixed media is all about the creative process. As you build layer and upon layer, a beautiful expression of your creativity emerges. As you discover your art, you’ll make a lot of discoveries about yourself, too. 

Another bonus - creating in mixed media doesn't have to break the bank. You can create beautiful art with inexpensive supplies and found items. I'll show you how.

Learn how to:

  • Create a successful mixed media piece layer by layer

  • Tons of ways to add texture and depth to your piece

  • Common supplies and ideas to use what you have on hand 

  • Plus much more!

What you'll receive:

  • Access to private Facebook group where the live classes will be held;

  • Live tutorials to complete the three projects shown above as is, as well as suggestions to make them your own;

  • Templates to create the demonstrated projects, plus instructions to create your own;

  • Flexible supply and materials list;

  • Bonus instruction on art and mixed media concepts;

  • Forever access to the Facebook group so you can revisit the videos at any time.

Only $10!

Hi, I'm Judy!

I'm a mixed media artist, explorer and creative guide. I’m passionate about helping women discover their creative voices through mixed media art. I believe mixed media art is the perfect way to begin your creative journey.  


Creativity can help you discover (or rediscover) your authentic self, your values, your passions and your purpose. It can even help you discover the best ways to share your gifts.


I discovered mixed media in my mid-forties, while recovering for treatment for a rare form of head and neck cancer that took my right eye and sent my self confidence plummeting. Although I've always been creative, mixed media is where I found my true self.  I love that there are no mistakes and nothing ever has to be perfect. Just like with people, each piece is beautiful in its own way.

Only $10!