About Me

Are you a woman in midlife wondering which direction to take? Maybe you've recently experienced a major life transition, such as divorce, empty nest, job loss, health crisis or loss of a life partner. Maybe you just feel like the life you've been living doesn't fit you anymore. Maybe it never did. 

Maybe you're thinking, "If I could just do what I really want to do. If I could just do something in life that fulfills my purpose and encompasses my passions and my values, life would be so awesome." 

You daydream about that awesome life once in awhile, but always come back to the same thoughts. "I can't do that because:

I'm too old.

Change is too hard.

I don't even know what my purpose, passions and values are.

I don't know how.

What if I told you all that you want is possible? You just need to learn who you really are and go after your dreams in whatever way suits you. I'm here to help you do just that.

I'm Judy, and I'm a mixed media artist, creative explorer and guide, and life transformation coach who helps midlife women use creative expression to navigate the crossroads of midlife.


Creativity can help you discover (or rediscover) your authentic self, your values, your passions and your purpose. It can even help you discover the best ways to share your gifts.


I've been exactly where you are right now. In my mid-forties, I began going through not just one major life transition, but multiple ones - loss of parents, job loss, business failure, barely escaping bankruptcy. I also battled a rare form of head and neck cancer that took my right eye and sent my self confidence plummeting.

After a four-year pity party, I discovered mixed media art. I've always been creative. I've dabbled in needlework, scrapbooking, card making and more. But mixed media is where I found my true self.  I love that there are no mistakes and nothing ever has to be perfect. Just like with people, each piece is beautiful in its own way.


I'd love to show you how art can help you find your authentic self and move to the next chapter of your life. If you live in the Kansas City area, I hold several classes, workshops and events each month at my studio in the Historic West Bottoms. I also offer private coaching via video conference call and will be developing online courses and programs for those outside the area.

I hope to meet you soon!

 © 2019 by Judy Ladewig