The Serendipitous Journey

Discover Your Creative Voice

through mixed media art


Discover the joy and freedom of creating mixed media art. You can create beautiful pieces in a style all your own without having any art training - even if you can't draw a stick figure. There truly are no mistakes!

There is an artist inside you you don't know about.

- Rumi

Mixed media is all about the process rather than the final product. As you build layer and upon layer, a beautiful expression of your creativity emerges. As you discover your art, you’ll make a lot of discoveries about yourself, too. 

Creativity can help you discover (or rediscover) your authentic self, your values, your passions and your purpose. It can even help you discover the best ways to share your gifts.

Hi, I'm Judy!

I'm a mixed media artist, explorer and creative guide. I’m passionate about helping women discover their creative voices through mixed media art. I believe mixed media art is the perfect way to begin your creative journey.  


I discovered mixed media in my mid-forties, while recovering for treatment for a rare form of head and neck cancer that took my right eye and sent my self confidence plummeting. Although I've always been creative, mixed media is where I found my true self.  I love that there are no mistakes and nothing ever has to be perfect. Just like with people, each piece is beautiful in its own way.

 © 2020 by Judy Ladewig